14 October 2015

Ramboll tops district cooling industry with mega-project in Makkah

Ramboll tops district cooling industry with mega-project in Makkah

Ramboll has secured a contract for a 500 megawatt district cooling project in Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

After extensive business development, the 500 megawatt district cooling project represents a crowning achievement that places Ramboll at the top of the global district cooling industry.

Over the last eight years, 3,600 dilapidated buildings have been demolished in Makkah in order to clear up space for a new central pedestrian pathway.

The King Abdul Aziz Road Project measures 3.65 kilometres in length, running from the city outskirts to the Grand Holy Mosque.

With an average width of 320 meters, the project includes the construction of two roads, a metro line, a grand mosque and over 200 plots that will house more than 100,000 people.

Ramboll will act as technical advisor for the district cooling project and deliver conceptual design, employer’s requirements and procurement assistance.

"This is simply a grand project. The project will need 150 megawatts of power to produce the 500 megawatts of cooling and this has a significant impact on the power network' Jens Ole Hansen, head of the international district energy department in Copenhagen, has stated.

"Our first deliveries will be the design, location and quantity of the chiller plants together with the piping design and advice on the buildings’ connectivity to the pipeline network. And in Phase 2 we will assist the Client in the procurement of the chiller plants", Mr Hansen added.

The total area of construction covers 6.3 million square metres, and the project will be complete within ten years.

The client is Umm Al Qura for Development & Construction Company, and the King Abdul Aziz Road Project is expected to improve the conditions around the pilgrim activity during Hajj.

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