Adidas and Stella McCartney launch new line to promote eco-friendly fashion

4:59pm - 20 August 2018

Adidas has revealed a new clothing line with Stella McCartney which aims to focus on the importance of protecting nature.


Beladon creates the first ever ‘floating farm’ in Rotterdam

4:43pm - 20 August 2018

Rotterdam is now a pilot city for the world’s first ever floating farm

Europe, Agriculture

Renting clothes could support sustainability in fashion

2:39pm - 20 August 2018

The circular economy has inspired new plans to move towards a sustainable textile industry.

Worldwide, Tech. & Innovation

Australian PM to reject climate policy after challenge to leadership

12:16pm - 20 August 2018

Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has dropped the proposal to decrease greenhouse gas emissions after facing a potential leadership challenge.

Asia, Carbon Reduction, Policy

Trump closes in on proposal to undo Obama’s climate rule

4:40pm - 17 August 2018

The Trump administration will shortly release its plan to replace Barack Obama’s ambitious attempts to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

North America, Carbon Reduction, COP24

Green Investment Group buys up Conergy in play to Asia

3:16pm - 17 August 2018

Solar company Conergy has been bought by the Green Investment Group (GIG).

Asia, Sustainable Energy
  “Climate change will cost the financial sector billions” - Mindy Lubber from Ceres

“Climate change will cost the financial sector billions” - Mindy Lubber from Ceres

North America, COP24

Climate Action recently caught up with Mindy Lubber, the President and CEO of Boston-based Ceres.


Coal power is heading for ‘extinction’ over the summer months

Europe, Carbon Reduction, COP24

Great Britain is on the verge of abolishing the need for coal-fired power over the summer months


Sustainable investments outperform the market, study shows

Worldwide, Finance

New research has found that companies which invest on the basis of environmental concerns often receive higher returns.


Trapped carbon could find perfect partner in pints of beer

Europe, Sustainable Energy, Tech. & Innovation

An innovative trial to capture carbon dioxide could be used in alcoholic drinks.


Marine energy kite off to a flying start below Welsh waters

Europe, Sustainable Energy

An innovative tidal energy device which acts like a kite has completed its latest trial below the sea.


Climate and hunger solutions are on terra firma, says UN

Worldwide, Agriculture, Carbon Reduction

Healthy soils are key to tackling food hunger and climate change, says the UN’s food agency.