24 March 2016

US, Argentina announce joint climate action initiatives

The United States and Argentina will work together on ambitious climate initiatives after an announcement by the countries' respective Presidents on Wednesday.

US President Barack Obama and Argentina's President Mauricio Macri said the two nations will collaborate on reducing carbon emissions from aviation and integrating solar and wind power into electricity grids.

The announcement was made during a two-day visit by Obama to Argentina to enhance diplomatic relations and strengthen trade after more than a decade of frosty relations.

The two countries committed to signing the international Paris global climate agreement as soon as possible and Argentina will also enhance its plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions under the agreement.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon has invited world leaders to officially ratify the COP21 Paris Agreement in New York on 22 April.

A fact sheet issued by the White House covering the announcement said: "The two governments will cooperate on scaling up renewables, including through U.S. assistance on market reform, system optimisation, and integrating renewable energy in the power grid."

The countries have agreed to "promote safe and responsible development of unconventional oil and gas resources."

In the bilateral announcement, Argentina said it would strengthen the national climate change plan it submitted as part of the U.N. climate agreement.

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