26 October 2017

US Ski & Snowboard commits to sustainability and climate action

US Ski & Snowboard, a national governing body for Olympic skiing and snowboarding, has issued an official statement pledging its commitment to sustainability and addressing climate change through adopting a series of guiding principles to preserve winter sports.

The organisation recognises that climate change directly threatens the future of winter sports, as melting glaciers, rising sea levels, volatile weather cycles and decreased snowfall imperils winter environments.

Therefore, the fundamental motive behind the sustainability initiative is to make sure winter sports will be available to enjoy “for generations to come”.

The national body for winter sports will attempt to reduce its carbon and environmental footprint and promote environmental responsibility in athletes, teams, officials, and fans.

U.S. Ski & Snowboard President and CEO Tiger Shaw said: “The winter season and everything it encompasses, from snowfall to cold temperatures, is essential to our organization’s success on the Olympic stage and to the growth of skiing and snowboarding in America and across the globe”.

He underlined: “As a national and international leader in our sports, it is important for us to vocalize our position on climate change and join our athletes, members, and partners in inspiring change”.

The organisation is also establishing an internal sustainability committee to help monitor, use and promote best sustainable business practices for the organisation at events and global team activities.

It will also set up awareness-raising and educational outreach initiatives to inform people about the threats of climate change on the future of sports.

The outreach will include athletes, staff, fans, clubs, and parents.

Towards these efforts, US Ski & Snowboard partnered with the City of Park City, the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA), - a trade association for ski area owners and operators and the Protect Our Winters (POW), - a professional athletes and industry brands association promoting sustainability in outdoors sports.

Barbara Weber, Senior Brand Manager at POW commented: "Protect Our Winters is proud to partner with U.S. Ski & Snowboard and we're happy to see them not only speak out about the reality of climate change and its impacts on our industry, communities, and the sports we love, but to also take action”.

“We look forward to working together to further find solutions to the climate crisis while engaging many of the athletes who represent our respective organizations”.

Jack Thomas, Mayor of Park City welcomed the news and stated that the city will support US Ski & Snowboard’s “industry-leading efforts to address climate change”. 

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