6 March 2015

SunErgy Project Will Provide Electricity to 92 Villages in Cameroon

According to official statistics, access to electricity only reaches 1,000 of 11,000 villages in Cameroon, and within Sub-Saharan Africa only 32 per cent of the overall population have access to electricity.

Whilst rural outposts are still grappling in the dark, during an audience with Cameroon Prime Minister Philemon Yang recently, a Norwegian organisation, SunErgy, announced a project to provide off-grid solar power electricity to some 350,000 people in the Southwest region of the country.

The electrification of these 92 villages in Mbonge Sub Division of the Southwest Region, forms the official agreement signed between the SunErgy and Republic of Cameroon on May 28, 2014.  SunErgy Managing Director Stein Skjorshammer said: ““We are not only making electricity available but also affordable to rural communities”. 

The initiative falls directly in line with President Biya’s 2035 goal to conquer underdevelopment and demonstrate Cameroon’s role as a strong emerging nation.  According to Skjorshammer, in addition to electricity SunErgy will offer more than 121,000 families access to cable TV and internet by the time the project is completed, enabling a gateway to the rest of the world.

Officials say SunErgy Cameroon will generate approximately 10,000 jobs and 500 new jobs will be created by the company’s subcontractors.  Additionally, the company plans to hire 500 employees themselves. Other advantages abound, with villages benefiting from the construction of schools, health centres, roads and other social amenities.

According to SunErgy, five villages where electricity will be fully installed by March 2015 are Bokosso, Mueli, Bomana, Koto I, Koto II and Efolofo.  The Managing Director of SunErgy Cameroon, Mike Fohba commented “The task ahead is huge. However, we are up to it.”  The company will install electricity in some 25 villages in 2016.

SunErgy, currently building and operating solar power plants in West Africa, is also participating in entrepreneurship, farming and community development in villages.

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