29 September 2017

Solar job vacancies increase by 11 times the UK average

JobLift, a meta search job seeking engine, realised an analysis of the green jobs market in the UK and the renewable energy sub-sectors over the past twelve months, and although it noted a slow but stable increase of 1 percent in green job vacancies, it detected some interesting facts about the sector overall.

During the past year around 53,000 green jobs related to environmental and climate protection, especially associated with renewable energies, have been advertised in the UK.

The job vacancies have increased by 1 percent on average each month, half the monthly increase of UK’s job market as a whole which is 2 percent.

On average, green jobs are harder to fill, as, reportedly, they stay active online for an average of 18 days, - three days more that the average job ad.

                             Source: JobLift

                                                                                 Source JobLift

Regarding the sub-sectors, bioenergy holds the first position in green jobs advertisements.

Out of 52,593 green jobs, 4,483 were about bioenergy which accounted for 9 percent of total climate protection positions.

Solar was the second highest hiring sector, holding a share of 7 percent with 3,763 job positions.

Wind power ranked third, with 2,467 jobs and a 5% share, although JobLift noted that these small percentages may be attributed to the fact that many of the job descriptions adopt a more general stance, mentioning only ‘renewable energy’ instead of a specific sub-sector.

Regarding the growth rates, solar has seen a huge 22 percent average monthly increase in job vacancies, making the solar sector very competitive in the climate action job market.


                                                                                   Source JobLift

This increase represents 11 times the UK average, proving that solar still has strong future potential.

Bioenergy job vacancies have grown on average by 6 percent per month, and wind power sees a monthly increase of 3 percent each month.

Lastly, Joblisft’s analysis found that approximately one fifth of all green job vacancies are located in London, accounting for 19 percent of all UK green jobs.

Bristol comes second with a big difference, accounting for 4 percent and Manchester comes third, holding 3 percent of all postings. 

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