9 August 2017

Primark launches its first sustainable cotton line

Clothing giant Primark just announced the launch of its first sustainable cotton line.

Primark, in order to shift to more ethical trading practices, made a partnership with CottonConnect – agricultural industry experts – and the Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA).

Recently, more transparency has started to be asked from consumers on retailers’ supply chains, and Primark is answering this demand by launching its new sustainable cotton line.

As identifying the source of materials such as cotton can be difficult, the clothing giant will, for now, only use the certified sustainable cotton in one line of pyjamas.

Primark plans to increase the use of sustainable fabric in the future.

Katherine Stewart, Ethical Trade and Environmental Sustainability Director, Primark said: “Our long-term ambition is to ensure that all the cotton we use is sustainably sourced.”

Stewart also said: “For us, sustainable cotton is about reducing the environmental impact of cotton production, improving the livelihoods of the farmers, and doing so in a way that means we continue to deliver great value to our customers.”

The price of one pair of those sustainable pyjamas will cost £6, still in line with Primark’s usual low prices.

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