3 January 2018

Major onshore wind farm in Ontario wins financial backing

The developers behind a significant 300 megawatt (MW) wind farm in the Canadian province of Ontario have completed $1 billion of financing to help build the project.

The project is a joint venture between Pattern Development and the Henvey Inlet First Nation community.

The wind farm will use 87 turbines, which will be able to power approximately 100,000 homes in the region each year. In addition, the project will utilise modern turbine technology with hub heights of 132 meters, the highest in North America.

The project will be built on the northeast shore of the Georgian Bay in Ontario on First Nation reserve land. It is expected to create 500 jobs during the construction period, and over 100 jobs throughout its lifetime.

Mike Garland, CEO of Pattern Development, said: “This landmark project is a first on many fronts: largest wind project in Ontario, largest on-reserve wind installation in Canada, highest hub heights in North America, and the first to develop a First Nation Environmental Stewardship Regime under the First Nations Lands Management Act".

Ken Noble, CEO of Nigig Power Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Henvey Inlet First Nation, said: "We aren't just building a wind farm, we're building an economy. The net proceeds over the next two decades of operations will provide the financial resources to transform the local economy, expand all community services, relieve poverty, and create employment." 

Mr. Garland added: “We are proud to be partners with Henvey Inlet First Nation. Together we're excited to kick off construction on this historic project that will harness the strong and steady winds blowing across the Georgian Bay to create hundreds of local jobs and provide a significant new source of revenue for Henvey Inlet First Nation".

The company states that the project will generate lease royalties of more than $8 million annually for the Henvey Inlet First Nation.  

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