15 January 2016

Denmark to develop wind energy hub in Iran

Denmark is planning to develop a wind turbine manufacturing facility in Iran, according to the Iranian Energy Minister.

Minister Hamid Chitchian said that Denmark is looking to build a manufacturing hub in Iran from where it can export the wind energy equipment to other countries in the region.

Chitchian also revealed that Iran is looking to develop 5 gigawatts of solar and wind energy capacity by 2018.

Following multilateral negotiations on Iran’s nuclear energy programme, several countries have confirmed their interest in developing renewable energy infrastructure throughout the country.

In 2015, the Iranian news agency, Mehr, reported that a German company is planning to set up 1.25 gigawatts of solar power capacity in various provinces across Iran.

A consortium of Iranian, Indian, and South Korean firms has also announced plans for a $10 billion project consisting of 1 gigawatt of solar power capacity in Khuzestan province.

Azerbaijan and Spain have also announced their intention to establish renewable energy projects in Iran.

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