5 May 2015

Business leaders to gather at Paris Climate Week to discuss sustainable innovation

2015 is a pivotal year for sustainability and COP21 represents the last opportunity to strike a legally binding, global agreement on climate change, which will ultimately underpin the success of the Sustainable Development Goals in delivering equitable global development.

Urgency for such a consensus has never been greater, as expanding urban populations and accelerating resource destruction serves to both exacerbate and create new vulnerabilities to climate change.

In order to meet this urgent challenge private sector innovation and technology transfer is more important than ever, in allowing us to adapt existing systems and re-imagine entirely new ways to live. By developing technologies and business models that are effective in protecting the atmosphere, human health and our finite resources we will not only safeguarded the environment but the economy itself, driving equitable, green growth for all.

For the last 6 years the UN Environmental Programme (UNEP) have partnered with Climate Action to produce the Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF), which has become the largest business-focused event of the annual Conference of Parties (COP). The aim of the forum is to facilitate a transformation in business thinking, connecting key private, public and voluntary actors to discuss current progress, share experiences and develop future innovations on the road to a green economy. The launch of SIF15 at Paris Climate Week will unite business leaders 200 days ahead of the event, encouraging early conversation amongst 100 high level private and public delegates.

Topics addressed at SIF15 will include sustainable cities and the circular economy, urban mobility and the water, food and energy nexus, with BMW, Avery Dennison and Carbon Trade Exchange amongst early confirmed partners.

Climate Action’s Event Director, Anna Watson said: “I am delighted to be launching the Sustainable Innovation Forum during Paris Climate Week. Involving private sector organisations as leaders in addressing the climate change challenge is key, and the response that we have received from wide ranging industries reflects that the desire to take action has never been stronger. I look forward to welcoming many more partners in the run up to COP21”.

Other confirmed partners include: Danfoss, Delta Electronics, New Holland Agriculture, Vattenfall, Vestas, Development Bank of Latin America, European Investment Bank (EIB), Hidalgo, Inter-American Development Bank Group, Invest in Iceland, Green Gothenburg, Instituto Humboldt.

If you are attending the Paris Climate Week, you can apply for the invitation here. 

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