10 November 2009

Britain unveils nuclear energy expansion plans

On Monday Britain announced plans to build wind farms and 10 new nuclear power plants. These new energy expansions are expected to help Britain secure energy supplies and cut greenhouse emissions.

The current energy planning system is considered to be a barrier to any really immediate solutions to the climate crisis as they take upward of six years to be approved and constructed as well as about 30 million pounds.

"It serves neither the interests of energy security, the interests of the low carbon transition, nor the interests of people living in areas where infrastructure may be built, for the planning process to take years to come to a decision", said Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband.

Miliband went on to emphasis that, "It is in the public interest for the UK to build at least 15 gigawatts of new nuclear capacity which would be sufficient to meet at least 30 percent of our electricity demand by 2030."

Britain currently has about 11 GW of nuclear power plants.

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Photo: Christopher Peterson/Flickr

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