12 July 2017

Berlin startup to plant mini vertical farms in supermarkets

Berlin based startup Infarm intends to distribute smart vertical farming systems to supermarkets, providing customers with the option to hand-pick fresh vegetables and herbs, whilst simultaneously reducing food mileage and transport emissions.

The idea of growing fresh local produce in supermarkets has seen a large amount of progress – it was announced earlier in April that Europe’s first commercial vertical farm had begun construction in Dronten.

Infarm’s hydroponic vertical farms are adaptable and self-regulating – they can be stacked according to space requirements, and they are also monitored to ensure optimal conditions for the plants.

Additionally, these hydroponic systems not only decrease agricultural water usage, but they also reduce wastage and minimise energy usage from transportation and refrigeration, making them an incredibly sustainable option.

Vertical farming allows for the locating of food production close to, and within, urban areas, where food consumption is concentrated.

Infarm, who recently raised €4 million in funding, have already planted their modular vertical farms in a Metro Cash & Carry, and plan to install them in German supermarket chain EDEKA.

Investors are increasingly interested in approaches to growing fresh food locally, and smart startups such as Infarm are proving a good place to start.

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