Financing The Future: Scaling Low Carbon Projects

Financing The Future: Scaling Low Carbon Projects
Apr 19
14:00 2017

If the Paris Agreement is to be successfully implemented, trillions of dollars of investment is urgently required to develop a wide range of low carbon technologies. Many green innovations remain at an early stage of development, carry high investment risk or may not be available to the developing regions that require them most urgently, presenting a suite of new challenges to the investment community.

Public and private stakeholders need to come together like never before to develop innovative new approaches to scaling low carbon solutions- from creating new financial products like green bonds and implementing consistent green regulations, to adopting blended finance models and mission oriented research and development programmes.

This webinar, held ahead of the Innovate4Climate event in Barcelona in May 2017, united key public and private investors to discuss the latest progress on scaling low carbon projects.

Discussion points

  • Which approaches to project development have been most impactful to date?
  • What remain the key bottle necks to accelerating investment?
  • What policies and regulations are supporting increased low carbon investment?
  • How can successful public-private collaboration be scaled and replicated?


  • Assaad Razzouk, Chief Executive Officer, Sindicatum
  • Thijs Aarten, Interim Managaing Director, Ecofys
  • Vikram Widge, Head of Climate Finance and Policy, The World Bank
  • Moderator: Anna Watson, Head of Conference Production, Climate Action

Who attended this webinar?

  • Institutional investors
  • Development banks
  • Climate finance focused organisations
  • Low carbon technology developers
  • Large corporations
  • City and regional policy makers
  • National policy bodies

Why listen to this webinar?

  • Understand the latest trends in financing low carbon projects
  • Learn more about the way in which successful projects can be scaled and replicated
  • Discover the way in which policy and regulatory support is accelerating growth
  • Join the discussion on how best to create a thriving low carbon economy


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