Europe could be hit with 1 trillion euros in coastal flood damage by 2100

4:47pm - 14 August 2018

Costs from coastal flooding in Europe could hit almost 1 trillion euros by 2100, according to researchers.

Europe, COP24

Sustainable investments outperform the market, study shows

1:08pm - 14 August 2018

New research has found that companies which invest on the basis of environmental concerns often receive higher returns.

Worldwide, Finance

Trapped carbon could find perfect partner in pints of beer

12:00pm - 14 August 2018

An innovative trial to capture carbon dioxide could be used in alcoholic drinks.

Europe, Sustainable Energy, Tech. & Innovation

Scottish Labour sets net-zero emissions target by 2050

10:54am - 14 August 2018

The Labour Party in Scotland has upped the ante on climate change targets.

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Japanese firms win stake in major UK offshore wind farm

3:49pm - 13 August 2018

Two Japanese companies have purchased a 41 per cent stake in the Triton Knoll offshore wind farm off the east coast of England.

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UK pension funds could face legal action over climate risk

2:52pm - 13 August 2018

Some of the UK’s largest pension funds are in danger of legal action over the risks posed by climate change

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  “Climate change will cost the financial sector billions” - Mindy Lubber from Ceres

“Climate change will cost the financial sector billions” - Mindy Lubber from Ceres

North America, COP24

Climate Action recently caught up with Mindy Lubber, the President and CEO of Boston-based Ceres.


Ireland will raise carbon tax to tackle climate change

Europe, Carbon Reduction, Finance

The Irish Government is planning to increase the country’s carbon tax in a bid to meet its climate change goals.


Australians want higher renewable energy target, says poll

Oceania, Sustainable Energy

A new survey has suggested that ordinary Australians want renewable energy to play a greater role in the country’s future.


Global wind and solar capacity smashes 1,000 gigawatt barrier

Worldwide, Sustainable Energy

The world has now installed more than 1,000 gigawatts (GW) of wind and solar power, according to fresh data analysis.


Lloyd’s Bank to ditch financing new coal plants

Europe, Carbon Reduction, Finance

The Lloyd’s Banking Group has announced a new policy to stop funding coal-related projects.


5,500 churches in the UK turn to renewable energy

Europe, Sustainable Energy

Some of the UK’s oldest and most prominent church buildings are making the switch to 100 percent renewable energy.