Ireland planning €22 billion injection into low-carbon economy

5:06pm - 23 February 2018

The Irish Government has announced plans to spend €22 billion over the next four years to aid the country’s journey to a low-carbon and climate resilient economy.

Europe, Carbon Reduction, Sustainable Innovation Forum

Tesla’s ‘big battery’ in South Australia is already having a positive impact

3:48pm - 23 February 2018

The performance of South Australia’s new lithium ion battery unit has helped “take the straw off the camel’s back”, according to a new review.

Oceania, Tech. & Innovation, Sustainable Innovation Forum

Could China become a leader in green finance?

11:41am - 23 February 2018

Experts gathering in London have argued over whether China could dominate the green financing market in years to come.

Asia, Finance, Sustainable Investment Forum

New climate-smart technologies will boost agriculture and jobs in West Africa

10:14am - 23 February 2018

A new programme is being launched to equip farmers in Africa with climate-smart agricultural tools and technologies.

Africa, Agriculture, Tech. & Innovation, Sustainable Innovation Forum

Unique conservation deal creates massive new marine parks in the Seychelles

5:34pm - 22 February 2018

The Seychelles has announced it has established vast new marine protected areas in the size of Great Britain.

Africa, Carbon Reduction, Finance, Sustainable Innovation Forum, Sustainable Investment Forum

Porsche stops production of all its diesel cars

1:42pm - 22 February 2018

In the latest move towards cleaner forms of transport, Porsche has confirmed that it is putting an end to diesel engines in its cars.

Worldwide, Transport, Sustainable Innovation Forum
  Interview with Flavia Micilotta, Executive Director, Eurosif

Interview with Flavia Micilotta, Executive Director, Eurosif


Climate Action caught up with Flavia Micilotta, Executive Director, Eurosif, on scaling up low carbon investment and her participation in the first Sustainable Investment Forum Europe.

  Climate Action launches the European Sustainable Investment Forum

Climate Action launches the European Sustainable Investment Forum

PRESS RELEASE – 6 November 2017, London, UK – Last September, UK-based Climate Action announced, at its second Sustainable Investment Forum USA, the launch of a European Forum, which will also be focusing on climate finance.


Sweden on course to build Europe’s largest battery cell plant

Europe, Finance, Tech. & Innovation, Sustainable Innovation Forum, Sustainable Investment Forum

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has recently approved a loan that will help a Swedish company build an innovative battery factory.


The EU can double its renewable energy use by 2030

Europe, Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Investment Forum

A new report has highlighted how the European Union can double its current renewable energy consumption and save billions of euros.


Singapore will charge polluters a carbon tax from next year

Asia, Carbon Reduction, Finance, Sustainable Investment Forum

Singapore has announced plans to introduce a new carbon tax from 2019.


BP predicts a 400% growth in renewable energy by 2040

Worldwide, Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Innovation Forum

BP has published its yearly forecast for the global energy market this week, and the oil giant sees renewable energy playing a commanding role in the future.


Nordic countries ushering in new era of green finance

Europe, Finance, Sustainable Investment Forum

Scandinavia has long been known for its progressive tendencies, and this is particularly true when it comes to recognising climate change’s threats and opportunities.


Climate Action and UNEP are delighted to present the official Climate Action report for COP23, Bonn, Germany.