White papers

  1. CFA Institute: Hedging Climate Risk
    CFA Institute: Hedging Climate Risk 1 Jul 2016

    We present a simple dynamic investment strategy that allows long-term passive investors to hedge climate risk without sacrificing financial returns. We illustrate how the tracking error can be virtually eliminated even for a low-carbon index with 50% less carbon footprint than its benchmark. By investing in such a decarbonized index, investors in effect are holding a “free option on carbon.”

    Worldwide,Finance,Carbon Reduction
  2. The climate finance pioneer
    The climate finance pioneer 4 May 2016

    The European Investment Bank (EIB) is one of the largest providers of climate-related investment globally. The EIB’s unique expertise and financial strength gets climate projects off the ground. However, the EIB cannot meet the challenge on its own. Cooperation with our partners is crucial. We focus where the impact of our investments is greatest. Innovative finance is key.

    Europe,Worldwide,Finance,Sustainable Energy,Carbon Reduction
  3. Climate change and trade policy in Central America
    Climate change and trade policy in Central America 5 Jan 2016

    Central America´s location, on a narrow isthmus that bridges two continents and oceans, renders it particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Trade facilitation and the transition to sustainable production schemes represent wide opportunities for the improvement of Central America in adapting the process of climate change

    North America,South America,Finance,Policy,COP 21
  4. Private climate finance - Banco Santander
    Private climate finance - Banco Santander 3 Dec 2015

    The purpose of this white paper is to analyze the impact that the global agreement on climate change has on privately-owned banks. Thus, it details the main driving forces behind the development of a low-carbon economy and explains Banco Santander’s approach regarding its own contribution

  5. Innovative climate finance products
    Innovative climate finance products 18 Jun 2015

    Tackling climate change requires going beyond traditional financing approaches and sources to meet the challenge at a global and grassroots level

    Worldwide,Finance,Sustainable Energy
  6. Finance for climate action
    Finance for climate action 18 Jun 2015

    As the EU bank, the European Investment Bank (EIB) has put climate action at the top of its agenda. We have committed to invest at least 25% of our lending portfolio in low-carbon and climate-resilient growth. Our funding supports sustainable projects in over 160 countries and acts as a catalyst to mobilise private finance for climate action, encouraging others to match our long-term investment

    Worldwide,Finance,Sustainable Energy,Transport
  7. The Executive’s Guide to Global Climate Change: IHS
    The Executive’s Guide to Global Climate Change: IHS 20 Apr 2013

    Global climate change is a phenomenon that is creating unprecedented business challenges that are being felt from the production floor to the boardroom. Growing interest in corporate eco-efficiency by both consumers and investors is creating new business opportunities.

    Worldwide,Finance,Tech. & Innovation,Sustainable Energy
  8. Building Sustainability in Hard Times: IHS
    Building Sustainability in Hard Times: IHS 19 Apr 2013

    IT-based solutions play a major role in driving triple bottom line performance, and streamlining daily operations to keep a company’s sustainability house in order.

    Worldwide,Finance,Tech. & Innovation,Smart Cities
  9. Green Gain - Investing in Energy Efficiency: Siemens
    Green Gain - Investing in Energy Efficiency: Siemens 8 Apr 2013

    Whether making individual energy-efficient equipment investments or engaging in a ‘whole facility’ performance contracting arrangement, businesses need an awareness of which key areas of their infrastructure are most susceptible to, and have the greatest payback on, energy-efficiency initiatives.

    Worldwide,Finance,Tech. & Innovation,Sustainable Energy