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  1. UK Government launches £20m research fund to tackle plastic pollution 25 Jun 2018

    The UK Government has taken another step towards tackling plastic waste by creating a new £20 million research fund.

    Europe,Tech. & Innovation,Policy
  2. How can the insurance industry make cities more sustainable? 22 Jun 2018

    The chief executive of AXA famously remarked last year that a 4 degree world is “uninsurable”.

  3. 23 nations sign pledge to step up action on climate change 22 Jun 2018

    Leading nations have pledged to set more stringent goals and “lead from the front” to reduce greenhouse gas emissions before 2020.

    Worldwide,Carbon Reduction,COP24
  4. One in three UK children impacted by air pollution, says UNICEF 22 Jun 2018

    New analysis has found large numbers of children in the UK are breathing in toxic air.

    Europe,Carbon Reduction
  5. India to bring forward 100,000 megawatts of new solar power 22 Jun 2018

    The Indian Government has signalled its intention to launch the largest tender for new solar power capacity in the world.

    Asia,Sustainable Energy
  6. EU aiming for zero-carbon economy “as early as possible” 21 Jun 2018

    The EU has completed a “hat-trick” of agreements this week which, if implemented, will transform Europe into a truly low-carbon and green continent.

    Europe,Carbon Reduction,COP24
  7. France approves six new offshore wind farms, slashes subsidy 21 Jun 2018

    President Emmanuel Macron has given the go ahead to six new offshore wind farms off France’s west coast.

    Europe,Sustainable Energy
  8. Development banks pump record $35 billion into climate finance 21 Jun 2018

    The world’s leading development banks are spending more than ever on climate mitigation and adaptation projects within emerging economies.

  9. Wind and solar will reach 50% of global generation by 2050 21 Jun 2018

    Analysts are now predicting that wind and solar power will reach 50 percent of all electricity generation by 2050.

    Worldwide,Tech. & Innovation,Sustainable Energy
  10. London’s iconic double-decker buses are going green 20 Jun 2018

    The Mayor of London has ordered a fleet of 68 new zero-emission buses to tackle air pollution in the UK capital.