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Québec is well known in North America for its bold policies in tackling climate change. These include an objective to reduce GHG emissions by 25 per cent below 1990 levels by 2020 either within its territory or abroad.

This target must be seen in the context that 97 per cent of Quebec’s electricity production and 50 per cent of its energy consumption already come from renewable energy sources, mainly hydro. Quebec’s primary GHG reduction challenge thus consists in reducing its consumption of imported fossil fuels, mainly in the transportation sector, which amounts to 43 per cent of overall GHG emissions. In a state as vast as Québec, this is no small feat.

To meet this major challenge, the government has implemented a cap-and-trade system for GHG emission allowances that has been linked, since 1 January, 2014, with California’s system, thus creating the largest carbon market in North America as well the first transnational market led by subnational governments. All of the revenues generated by the auction sales of allowances, estimated at more than 3 billions dollars by 2020, will be invested in mitigation and adaptation measures in Québec.

The government also launched a number of comprehensive policies to reduce Québec’s carbon footprint. Among these is the Transportation Electrification Strategy which aims at positioning Québec as a world leader in this rapidly growing field. With its surpluses of clean, inexpensive energy, a good number of manufacturers and research institutions already active in this sector, a highly skilled workforce, and an open access to the North American market, Quebec is well placed to achieve this goal!

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