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Ertzberg is an enthusiastic and dynamic urban development firm. Based in Leuven, Belgium, Ertzberg combines innovative social models with sustainability and the aesthetics of leading-edge architecture.

In order to be able to achieve excellent quality of life in all of its projects, Ertzberg develops a variety of future-oriented accommodation and life models.

Expertise, innovation, drive and talent give rise to meaningful and inspiring projects. Ertzberg projects demonstrate time and again that sustainability and a high level of comfort go hand in hand. The approach is always holistic: all the aspects that are so closely connected in our society are tackled in this urban development. The issues of climate change, carbon footprint, energy demand, maximum waste sorting, the responsible use of materials and the entire life cycle analysis during the whole construction process are second nature to us.

Ertzberg makes the city attractive by offering everyone time and a care-free existence, and by guaranteeing these values for future generations. The Tweewaters neighbourhood as it stands today, the biggest city centre project in Belgium - and maybe even in Europe - is introducing a new way of life with living patterns that are strikingly different: smart meters, one-key access, a very high level of acoustic comfort, fibre optic cables and home delivery lockers.

Via its CEO, Jo Vandebergh, Ertzberg wishes to spread its vision further and inspire others. Vandebergh helped establish “Leuven klimaatneutraal 2030” (Leuven climate-neutral 2030) and is the driving force behind the Belgian Sustainable Building Council. Ertzberg’s social commitment, innovative thinking and sustainable building have already earned it a number of national and international awards.

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  • Sustainable urban development - Ertzberg case study

    The Tweewaters project–a large, new and pioneering urban neighbourhood on the former site of the Stella Artois breweries in Leuven (Belgium)–started to take shape as of 2008-2009. Jo Vandebergh pushed his company Ertzberg towards a sustainable neighbourhood early on, long before others even dared to contemplate this option. The new urban neighbourhood covers a surface area of 11 hectares, and thanks to the 1,200 new dwellings, 5,000 new inhabitants will be able to live and work in Leuven. Seventy percent of this neighbourhood will consist of public, accessible green space. The

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