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ACWA Power launched its corporate responsibility and sustainability (CR&S) program in 2008 and has always kept it closely aligned with the regional issues and challenges.

The socioeconomic benefits of producing affordable desalinated water and electricity in an environmentally responsible manner aligns our business model both with the present and the future.

We recognize that taking a leadership position on social and environmental issues is essential to creating a sustainable competitive advantage, and doing business in both the regional and international arena. Furthermore, we believe it is important to lead by example and so we have a dedicated Director of CR&S to guide our progress and performance.

Our approach to CR&S is to follow international best practice (the Global Reporting Initiative and the International Organization for Standardization) and develop our programme customized to address issues which are significant and relevant to our business and our stakeholders. In February 2010 we adopted a Corporate Commitments policy as the cornerstone for developing an integrated management system to guide our CR&S programme and create business value.

ACWA Power’s material issues cover the full triple bottom line of economic, social and environmental risks and opportunities, so that we consider people, planet and prosperity in everything we do. We are investing a significant budget in meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility projects and initiatives.  For example, in 2009 ACWA Power sponsored and lead the establishment of the Higher Institute of Water and Power Technologies (HIWPT) to train local high school graduates as power and desalination operators and technicians.  The Institute is located in Rabigh, Saudi Arabia, and is fulfilling its strategic objective of providing technical training and employment for local youth to ensure the long term sustainability of the water and power sector while reducing the dependence on the expatriate workforce.  The second academic year commenced in September 2012 with more than 600 registered trainees who are employed and sponsored by ten sector partners.

ACWA Power has been recognized for its corporate responsibility and sustainability program with several awards, including the 2010 SWPF Award for Innovation for which included the following citation “Demonstrating commitment to an integrated management approach to sustainability and corporate responsibility.”  We have participated in the Saudi Arabian Responsible Competitive Index (SARCI) for the past three years consistently ranking as a top finalist and won the Empowering Local Vendors category in 2011.

Company Innovation

ACWA Power’s strategic goal is to amass operational assets with a combined capacity of 39,000 MW of electricity and 5 million m³/day of desalinated water by 2017.  Embedded at the core, is the sustainability objective of decarbonizing the group by developing and owning at least 3,900MW of renewable energy facilities.  The ten per cent of renewables will cover a range of plants including wind, solar thermal and photovoltaic.  The approximately 4GW of commercial scale operational renewable energy facilities will make ACWA Power an international leader in green energy sector.

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