17 February 2012

New Holland’s online CarbonID™  calculator

New Holland’s online CarbonID™  calculator

Saving fuel means a reduced carbon footprint

Consumers are increasingly demanding farm produce with a reduced carbon footprint. Emissions released from burning diesel are a significant contributor to farms’ overall carbon footprints. In an effort to support farmers in facing this new challenge, New Holland has developed a carbon footprinting method which enables farmers and contractors to calculate the carbon footprint of their current tractor fleet, and show them how they could reduce it by replacing some of their equipment with Tier 4A compliant, ECOBlue™ SCR machines. This technology can not only reduce NOx emissions, but also agribusinesses’ fuel consumption by up to 10%, a major contributor to farms’ overall carbon emissions.

Fleet owners can choose to calculate their carbon footprints either based on annual fuel usage or hours worked. Then, they simply input data including their fleets’ current tier level and horsepower range, the price of fuel and AdBlue, together with their average work rate, and the calculator automatically provides them not only with the carbon reduction they could achieve in tonnes, but also the amount of money they could save through reduced fuel consumption.

Click on and discover how to calculate and reduce the carbon footprint.

New Holland is recognised as agriculture’s Clean Energy Leader through its unswerving commitment to developing solutions that assist the world’s farmers in environmentally friendly and productive agriculture. Quite simply, New Holland is every farmers’ 360° partner for sustainable farming. In order to bring these concepts to a wider audience, New Holland has further developed its online platform,, by creating a specific section with an effective new content: the  online CarbonID™  calculator.




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