18 March 2015

Cemig: a leader in transparency on climate issues in Brazil

Cemig: a leader in transparency on climate issues in Brazil

Companhia Energética de Minas Gerais (Cemig) is the most highlighted company this year in the "Transparency" category in disclosure of information related to climate change.

CDP, a non-governmental organization with head offices in London that performs every year a questionnaire that was currently answered by 52 major Brazilian companies, in which Cemig has obtained the highest score in transparency, reaching 98 total points of 100.

This is the third consecutive year in which the Company is recognized by its organization and it the first year in which it reaches the best score in this issue. CDP considers the level of the details and quality in the answers with respect to criteria such as risk management and opportunities and measurement results and emission management, in addition to the strategy on climate change.

According to the opinion of Luiz Augusto Barcellos, Company Sustainability Superintendent of Cemig, this high performance reaffirms the Company's commitment to a low carbon economy, keeping the capital market in the country and abroad and the society in general informed about the Company's efforts to reduce the effects caused by global warming.

Approximately 99% of Cemig's power generation comes from renewable sources such as hydro and wind power, which provides the company a low emission of greenhouse gases.

CDP, a non-governmental organization with head offices in London that holds the major worldwide corporate databank about climate change and that currently represents 767 institutional investors that together represents more than a third of the whole capital invested worldwide.

Cemig answers the CDP Climate Change questionnaire for seven editions, in order to identify the main risks and opportunities of climate change for the reformulation of the company's business models and its monitoring and control measures.

The Company is also a part of the Carbono Eficiente ICO2 portfolio of BM&FBovespa, which composes the list of Brazilian companies that are aligned with the most advanced discussions on climate change.

This year, Cemig was selected to compose the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World (DJSI World) portfolio for the fifteenth consecutive year. The Concessionaire from Minas Gerais is the sole company in the electric industry in Brazil and Latin America to be part of the DJSI World since its creation, in 1999.

In the Company Website is possible to know Cemig's actions in the area of climate change, in the “Sustainability” tab.

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