27 September 2016

Zara creates first ‘green clothing’ collection

Spanish clothing and accessories retailer Zara has launched a new Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection made from sustainable materials.

The collection – under Zara’s eco-label ‘Join Life’ – is made with eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, recycled wool and forest-friendly wood fibre.

Although Zara first began selling clothes under the Join Life label last year, the new launch is the first time it has presented a full seasonal collection through the brand.

All factories that produce the Join Life garments are powered by renewable energy and use water-efficient manufacturing processes.

In addition, the range's tags, bags and shipping boxes are all made using recycled materials, and there are plans for clothing donation boxes to be introduced to Zara's US stores to encourage customers to recycle their old clothes.

The Join Life campaign is tagged with the motto “clothing that respects the environment”, and also features the “Boxes with a Past” campaign, where artists set to work transforming recycled Zara cardboard boxes into works of art.

This is not the first time Zara has made commitments to the environment. For example, in 2012, Zara committed to eradicating all releases of hazardous chemicals throughout its entire supply chain and products by 2020, and in 2013 made the Best Global Green Brands list.

The collection comes at a time of increased awareness of the importance of taking sustainability measures within the fashion industry, which was evident at this year’s London Fashion Week.

For example, Felder Felder made headlines with the introduction of their line made exclusively from up-cycled and sustainable fabrics, including a ‘Carbon Dress’ made from 100 per cent sustainable carbon fibre from BMW’s electric vehicle programme.

Other environmental measures seen throughout the week included upcycled garments, biodegradable mannequins and ethical evening wear.

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