26 March 2012

World-leading energy firm to invest €150 million into UK’s offshore wind sector

Gamesa has announced that it plans to invest €150 million to turn the Port of Leith into a world renound hub for offshore wind energy.

The UK’s offshore wind industry has been given a huge vote of confidence this week, after Gamesa, Spain’s largest wind turbine manufacturer, announced plans of turning Scotland's Port of Keith into a hub for offshore wind energy.

With an investment of €150 million, the project is expected to provide the region with over 800 direct jobs.

“This is fantastic news for Scotland and shows that the UK remains an attractive place for foreign investment,” said Prime Minister David Cameron in welcoming Gamesa’s announcement.

The UK already leads the world in the amount of offshore wind installed, and has set an ambitious target of adding a further 18GW to its capacity by 2020.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change has made up to £60 million of capital funding available to support the development of major offshore wind manufacturing facilities in assisted areas of England, while the Scottish Government has established a £70 million pot for national renewable energy infrastructure projects.

“Scotland benefits from UK wide initiatives to promote renewables and access to the entire UK consumer market,” added Cameron.

“That coupled with the economic security that comes from being part of one of the world's most successful unions makes Scotland an obvious place for companies like Gamesa to invest in."

The new factory is expected to make the enormous blades for wind turbines, which can be longer than an Olympic swimming pool, as well as the generator units that sit at the top of the turbine.

Gamesa has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Forth Ports, Leith, Scotland and the two will now work together in preparation for a longer term agreement.


Images : Climate Action Stock Photos

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