13 July 2012

Tesco selects Inverdis to help step up it’s search for innovations in green technology

Tesco worldwide

Tesco, the UK’s largest retailer, has announced that it will partner with iVeridis in order to identify the best new innovations in environmental technology.

iVeridis works with businesses to help them identify energy-efficient technologies which can be applied to their business. Its Greensourcing Software Solution provides a platform whereby businesses can input their exact green-tech requirements, and are then ‘matched’ to the best solutions available across iVeridis’ global network of over 50,000 organisations, ranging from start-ups and SMEs, to universities and established R&D companies.  Tesco plans to use the software to identify technologies that can further improve the efficiency of its stores.

Tesco has the stated aim of being zero carbon by 2050. As a result, in recent years it has undertaken various initiatives to curb energy usage and carbon emissions at its 2,979 UK stores and is committed to sharing energy efficiency expertise across its global business In 2009, Tesco opened the world’s first zero-carbon supermarket at Ramsey, Cambridgeshire, and has since opened a further six stores, most recently at Cefn Mawr in Wales. Tesco uses its zero-carbon stores to trial new technologies which if successful are implemented across its estate. Tesco has announced it is accelerating its store ‘Refresh’ programme, which will see hundreds of stores refurbished and new energy efficient technologies implemented.

Tesco and iVeridis completed a successful pilot in 2011, in which Tesco ran a search for a number of environmental solutions including LED lighting for Express stores and small scale energy from waste generators. These technologies are now being assessed by Tesco’s engineering team and if successful will be trialled in several stores before moving to a wider roll-out.

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