6 January 2010

Sustainable packaging market booming, regulations needed

As the sustainable packaging market continues to grow at a fast pace concerns are also rising over the effects the increase in demands for raw materials, energy consumption, and disposal will have on the environment in the future.

In a report from the clean technology market research firm, Pike Research, the sustainable packaging market will double from $90bln to $170 by 2014, with plastic-related packaging as the front-running segment, as the global packaging market continues to grow at a slower rate.

The substantial market growth in the sustainable packaging industry will result in a direct demand for raw materials and indirectly see an increase in energy consumption in production and transportation in distribution of products.

Clean technology researchers have recommended areas requiring significant changes and ways in which the negative environmental impact can be reduced, including:

  • More efficient reclamation of used packaging from the improvement of minimal packaging design
  • Usage of raw materials that are environmentally-ethical and sourced sustainably
  • Standardising reclamation regulations worldwide Regulation bodies and coalitions are assisting businesses by supplying measurable systems.

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition, a non-profit industry-working group, has released Sustainable Packaging Indicators and Metrics Framework, a guide to help organisations measure the progress of sustainable packaging methods according to the Sustainable Packaging Coalition's classification of what constitutes as sustainable packaging.

The International Standards Organisation has also joined the standardisation mission as it is currently in development of benchmarks for international packaging; ensuring sustainable practices are developed, measured and adopted amongst businesses worldwide.


Author: Diva Rodriguez

Image source: sahbapasta/Flickr

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