25 September 2017

Survey revealed that 75 percent of Australians see home energy storage as the future

A recently published survey, conducted by the public advocacy organisation Climate Council revealed that approximately three out of four Australians await that energy storage technologies for households coupled with solar panels will become ‘the new normal’ within the next ten years.

The poll took place among 2,000 households across Australia.

It also revealed that respondents with installed rooftop solar are highly interested in home energy storage, as according to the survey 68 percent are considering installing a home battery.

Amanda McKenzie, Chief Executive of the Climate Council said: “Australians love rooftop solar, and most now expect home battery storage to be as commonplace as dishwashers in our homes in a decade”.

She added: “Rising energy prices and a lack of a federal energy plan are driving many people to take back control of energy. We’re getting smart to the fact that our energy system is changing”.

51.4 percent of the respondents said that the primary motive behind this decision is to reduce energy bills and 16.9 percent answered that the main reason is for having more control over their bills.

Getting off the grid was the main reason for 13.3 percent of the participants, and a minor 6.2 percent was worried about future energy blackouts.

Andrew Stock, Councillor at Climate Council said: "I think it's very encouraging that Australians really do get the importance of new technology. There is very little appetite for keeping aging coal fire stations running in the Australian populace, frankly”.

He added: "In some states that have high power prices, analysis shows it's economical now to install batteries. Sunny states like South Australia and Queensland have relatively high power prices, so its quite economic to install battery systems”.

Warwick Johnston, Founder of consultancy firm Sunwiz commented that although the number of home battery installations had doubled from 2016, many people are still awaiting battery prices to drop significantly, as market experts expect a reduction of 30 percent in the next two years.  

The survey also disclosed that more than 50 percent of the respondents expect large-scale battery storage technologies will be also widely deployed within the same timeframe.

You can access the full report with the results here.

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