27 October 2017

Seattle Seahawks celebrates sustainability at CenturyLink Field

The Seattle Seahawks has created a special initiative to celebrate the ongoing sustainability efforts at their home stadium CenturyLink Field, by serving fans 6,000 pounds of locally sourced cut potatoes.

CenturyLink Field has long committed to promoting sustainability in sports and is considered one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable sports and entertainment facilities worldwide.

During Sunday’s game against the Houston Texans, CenturyLink Field in collaboration with First & Goal (FGH), - a food and beverage company located in the stadium, will serve 6,000 pounds of locally and sustainably produced cut potatoes.

The Seahawks and FGH have partnered with Cedar Grove Composting and Sound Sustainable Farms to increase the share of locally sourced, organic products providing the highest quality food and beverages to the fans and support sustainable farming practices.

Cedar Grove also turns food waste into compost, which Sound Sustainable Farms then uses as a natural fertiliser for its agricultural production, collecting more than 16.14 tonnes of compostable food waste after each game.

In addition, Country Natural Beef will provide 1,500 lbs of naturally raised brisket, and East Anchor Seafood will provide local and sustainably grown seafood.

In each game, more than 36,700 pints of Northwest beer is served, along with some 4,600 of Washington wine, as CenturyLink wants to support local enterprises.

After the games, approximately 600 lbs of food is donated to FareStart, Food Lifeline, and Salvation Army to make sure there is zero food waste. 

CenturyLink has made many sustainability milestones since it first launched its initiatives in 2014.

In 2016, it achieved a waste diversion rate of 97 percent, and more than 95 percent in the last 4 years.

100 percent of food service products and vessels are compostable, with the most recent trend being the transition to paper-based, ocean degradable straws in 2017.

The stadium has solar panels, which produce 15 percent of its energy consumption, and it has achieved an energy consumption reduction of 24 percent by installing LED lighting appliances and automating lighting.

Low-flow fixtures have helped achieve a significant decrease in water consumption, as the stadium no uses 1.3 million gallons less annually.

Learn more about the sustainability initiatives of CenturyLink Field here

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