12 February 2018

“Saves for Trees” launched at Canadian ice hockey game

The London Knights ice hockey team in Canada has recently implemented a range of sustainability initiatives, including planting trees for every save its goalkeeper makes.

The team's first ever green event was launched over the weekend during a home game at the Budweiser Gardens in Ontario.

“Over the last year, there has been a conscious effort by our team at Budweiser Gardens to evaluate our practices and procedures and look for ways that we can implement environmentally responsible practices”, said Brian Ohl, the stadium’s general manager.

The team has worked with local environmental groups to launch the ‘Saves for Trees’ programme at the game. In total, the Knights goalkeeper made 44 saves during Saturday’s match against rivals the Sudbury Wolves. These trees will contribute to the ‘Million Tree Challenge’, a community project designed to improve the city’s air quality and environment.

The official game sponsor, Downtown London, has agreed to match the total and will plant an equal number of trees. Fans have also been encouraged to join the initiative by sponsoring a tree.

Additionally, the organisers partnered with the city’s London Transit Commission (LTC) to offer fans free public transport to the game: “We are grateful that the LTC has stepped up to work with us on this great initiative and provide the 9,000 plus fans coming for the game the opportunity to ride free of charge and reduce carbon emissions” said Ohl.

The latest season has seen a number of small changes being made to improve the venue’s environmental credentials. These include changing light bulbs to LED lighting, saving an estimated 500 kilowatt hours per event; providing 100 percent recycled materials, and turning its waste cooking oil into biodiesel.


                   Pressure was on the team’s goalkeeper to save more than just the game


Image Credit: Jfvoll/CC

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