16 March 2009

Product sustainability roundtable launches for northeast businesses

The Northeast U.S. is getting its own version of the International Product Sustainability Round Table, a forum for businesses to learn and share information on product sustainability.

The international Round Table, a creation of Five Winds International, was founded in 1998, and the Northeast U.S. Round Table will mirror its services. The Round Table is focused on helping businesses with decisions related to product design, marketing and business strategies.

It's intended for companies throughout the supply chain, including raw material sourcing, production, manufacturing and distribution.

The Round Table offers quarterly webinars on a range of issues, research on best practices, news updates and analysis of sustainability initiatives and trends, both national and international.

It also hosts two annual meetings for companies that are members of the Round Table, and this year the meetings with cover life cycle assessment tools, guidelines on environmental claims, eco-design challenges, product scorecards and sustainability reporting.

Source: GreenBiz

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