31 August 2017

New Jersey Congressman develops legislation to secure transition of fossil-fuel industry workers

Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr announced his plans to create strong legislation able to secure the transition of workers employed by the fossil-fuel industry towards clean energy jobs.

The announcement came through a statement straight from the 6th District of New Jersey Congressman’s office.

According to the statement, workers displaced from jobs in the fossil-fuel industry- like oil and coal mining or power plants, will be provided with increased educational, apprenticeships and other job training opportunities to enter the clean energy sector.

New Jersey has been a proactive supporter of the transition to a clean energy system and renewable energy deployment, with installed solar capacity having reached 2GW in the State.

Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. said: “For too long, American workers have been subject to the ebbs and flows of production in the fossil fuel sector”, adding that “When production is down, jobs go away, and economic uncertainty follows”.

“Clean energy jobs have grown at a rate of 6 per cent annually in recent years, while fossil fuel jobs have shrunk”, he said, remarking how important it is for workers going through this transition to be supported by the Government.

“There ought to be a pathway to consistent employment in the renewable energy sector, and I look forward to introducing a plan to do just that, in consultation with a wide array of experts”.

The Congressman has brought together input from industry experts and workers, to help finalise the proposed legislation which is expected to be presented this fall.

Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr, who is the top Democrat on the House of Energy and Commerce Committee, has openly criticised President Donald Trump on his stance on climate change.

“New Jerseyans understand that when we defend our environment we are also protecting our safety, public health, and economy. Those who witnessed the destruction of Sandy saw first-hand the impacts of climate change already happening. Abandoning the Paris Agreement jeopardizes our economic future and endangers New Jersey communities”, he said when President Trump announced US’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement.

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