18 May 2017

Man City FC’s new partnership secures the club’s clean energy future

The premiere league club has recently partnered with power technology firm Eaton, as the club sets its sights on a “wholly sustainable approach to energy and utility use.”

According to the club, Eaton – which brings over 100 years of experience – will join in a multi-year deal, demonstrating Manchester City’s commitment to leading the way in sustainability.

Damian Willoughby, Senior VP of Partnerships at City Football Group, said, “We are delighted to be partnering with Eaton as this relationship exemplifies the club’s ongoing commitment to sustainability.”

Eaton expertise in energy storage will help realise the club’s sustainable vison across all its daily operations at both the Etihad Stadium and City Football Academy.

Cyrille Brisson, EMEA Vice President at Eaton, said: “Energy storage is a key part of that strategy and part of Eaton’s ongoing commitment to reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. We’re proud to partner with Manchester City – a club that also supports our vision of a greener tomorrow.”

The development of the Manchester City campus was undertaken with sustainability in mind, with all existing structures on the site being re-used, and no waste materials set to landfill.

Willoughby said: "Eaton shares City’s values of operating in a way that promotes a positive impact on our community and environment.”

The football club has incorporated a range of innovative energy systems to lower emissions.

Combined heat and power systems (CHP), tri-generation systems and absorption chillers have been incorporated into the club’s energy systems to help export electricity internally and externally to the grid.

In addition, air-source heat pumps, rainwater harvesting systems and LED lighting have all been fitted across the campus to reduce energy and emissions.

Specifically, all waste water from ground activities is recycled and re-used across the City Football Academy and the Etihad Stadium.

At the same time, the use of 5,272 LED lamps has helped reduce energy use in the stadium by nearly 1 million kilowatt hours (kWh).

Willoughby added: “We are looking forward to working with Eaton and tapping into their heritage and expertise to further grow our knowledge in this field.”

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