2 December 2016

World’s largest solar plant opened in India

The world’s largest solar plant has been unveiled by the Adani Group in Kamuthi, Tamil Nadu, in the south of India.

The new solar plant – which cost $679m – was built in just eight months, is 10 square kilometres broad and has a capacity of 648 MW.

The now second largest solar farm – the Topaz Solar Farm in California – has a capacity of 550 MW.

A robotic system – powered with the solar energy generated onsite – operates in the plant to clean it every day.

The new plant is expected to be able to generate power for about 150,000 homes at full capacity, thanks to 2.5 million individual solar modules.

According to the research firm Bridge for India, thanks to the construction of the new solar plant, the total solar capacity in India has reached the 10 GW landmark - an achievement that only a handful of countries have reached.

The country is expected to become the third biggest solar market next year, after China and the US, but further increase in the growth of the solar industry will be necessary for the country to reach its ambitious national targets.

The government aims at producing 40 per cent of its power from non-fossil fuels by 2030 and to power 60 million homes with solar energy by 2022.

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