27 October 2017

Kansas City Airport deploys fully electric buses for passengers

Kansas City Airport has become the first airport to introduce fully electric shuttle buses to serve passengers across its airport facilities.

The inauguration took place on Thursday when battery tech and electric vehicles company BYD delivered four 30-foot electric coaches.

The four buses will transfer passengers from the airport terminals to and from parking lots.

The electric shuttles were built at the BYD Bus and Coach Factory in Lancaster, California, and they were custom made for airport usage.

The initiative aims to prove that electric buses and shuttles are well suited for airports, and that they are able to reduce high-density airport emissions.

Kansas City Airport made the list of sustainability “first-movers”, by integrating a relatively niche technology into its everyday operations.

Macy Neshati, Senior Vice President of BYD Heavy Industries said: “BYD is proud to work with Kansas City International Airport to provide these four buses with zero tailpipe emissions, giving airport passengers a cleaner and healthier ride”.

“Kansas City International Airport will enjoy cost savings by operating the BYD battery-electric buses because they reduce fuel and maintenance costs by tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the bus”.

The order of the battery-electric transit coaches was placed in November 2016 by the Kansan City Council.

Pat Klein, Kansas City Director of Aviation commented: “The Kansas City Aviation Department has long been at the forefront in implementing the latest in environmentally friendly programs and vehicles”.

“In 1997, we deployed a fleet of the first compressed natural gas mass transit vehicles in regular use in Kansas City. We are one-upping that milestone by purchasing these electric buses to further lessen fleet emissions”.

Martin Augustine said that with this initiative, the airport will save dozens of thousands on fuel and maintenance for traditional diesel fuelled shuttles.

The Kansas City Airport aspires to pave the way for other airports to follow and has so far revealed that it will add 8 more electric shuttle buses. 

Photo source: Kansas City Airport 

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