20 November 2017

Facebook to power its new data centre from 100% wind energy

Facebook’s growing power needs have contributed to the development of a 320 megawatt (MW) wind farm in Nebraska. The company’s new data centre in the state led to the search for clean power sources, and demonstrates how big corporations can boost demand for renewable projects.

The project is being developed by Massachusetts-based Enel Green Power North America, a subsidiary of Rome-based Enel, which will reportedly spend $430 million on the wind farm.

Facebook will be the main offtaker of the energy produced, as 200MW of the power plant’s output will be used to fully power its new data centre in Dixon County, which will be located approximately 120 miles from the wind project, aiming to showcase how companies can have access to renewable energy and boost demand for clean energy projects. 

The project will have significant employment benefits for Nebraska, as Enel forecasts the creation of 300 jobs during construction and 16 permanent full-time jobs.

Antonio Cammisecra, Head of Enel Green Power, said: “This project consolidates our growing presence in the U.S. as our company enters into a new state and expands our business with new partners. We are thrilled to be able to support Facebook’s growing renewable energy needs in Nebraska and be a part of driving economic development in the region". 

The social media giant has set a goal to source at least 50 percent of its  energy needs from renewables by the end of 2018.

Three of its nine data centres around the world in Sweden, Iowa, and Texas are already 100% powered by renewable energy.

Bobby Hollis, Director of Global Energy at Facebook said: “We know from experience that when people come together, they can do a lot of good in the world". 

“We came together with the Omaha Public Power District, Tradewind Energy, and now, Enel Green Power, to ensure renewable energy solutions are accessible not just to Facebook, but to other companies as well”. 

He added: “Today, we are one step closer to our goal of powering all of our operations with clean and renewable energy, and we are grateful to our partners for this collaboration”.

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