9 December 2009

Displacements from climate change to hit 1 bln, claims IOM

At the second day of discussions in Copenhagen, the International Organization for Migration released a startling report detailing the human plight of climate change and the creation of "climate refugees" across the globe.

The report estimated that natural disasters have doubled in 20 years and last year 20 million people worldwide became "climate refugees", individuals made homeless by environmental disasters and severe inclement weather.

As many of these individuals are from poorer, less developed nations, the lack of personal finances prevents climate refugees from fleeing disaster areas and instead directing them to overpopulated cities already at resource and financial breaking point.

The report pinpointed countries in high-risk environmental exodus as global temperatures continue to rise towards 2-5 centigrade towards the end of the 21st century.

The list includes countries such as Afghanistan and Bangladesh and goes further to include most of central South America amongst.

U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres echoed similar concerns this week to the issues present in the IOM report warning large metropolises such as Kabul and Bogota are having difficulties absorbing climate refugees now with limited resources, adding xenophobic issues are quickly rising.


Author: Diva Rodriguez

Image souce: quinet/Flickr

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