1 October 2009

Companies defy global recession with green agenda

More than two thirds (76%) of organisations surveyed for The Carbon Management and Offsetting Trends Survey Report 2009 have in place or are planning a carbon management strategy despite the economic downturn.

The report, published this month, says: "Despite the somewhat doom-and-gloom outlook for the world's economy in 2009, green issues have remained high on the agenda with both senior management and corporate boards."

Some 60% of companies responding to the survey have measured their carbon footprint but the variation among regions is high.

Just 54% of North American companies have assessed their carbon footprint compared to 62% of European respondents and 92% of Australasian companies.

But the report finds that with or without carbon management strategies or footprint measurements companies are 'already taking action by implementing energy efficiency measures'.

More than two thirds of companies have already bought carbon offsets or would consider doing so before 2012, the report found.

An overwhelming 91% cite environmental benefits as their main motivation along with carbon neutrality and marketing reasons (89%).

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Source: Edie

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