6 November 2017

Coca-Cola Europe launches new Sustainability Action Plan

The Coca-Cola Company in Western Europe has partnered with Coca-Cola European Partners (CCE) to jointly launch a new Sustainability Action Plan called “This is Forward”, which includes ambitious environmental, climate and social targets.

The plan has been developed through consultation with over 100 key stakeholders, including national governments, NGOs, over 12,000 consumers across six countries and 1,000 employees in Western Europe.

The plan will focus on 3 priority actions: drinks, packaging, and society.

By 2025, 50 percent of sales will come from low or no calorie drinks, an increase from 35 percent in 2016.

The partnership will also reduce sugars across its soft drinks portfolio by at least 10 percent by 2020 aiming to recover 100% of its packaging, and increase by at least 50 percent the use of recycled plastic in its ‘PET bottles’ – bottles partially made from plants.

 It will also ensure that 100 percent of packaging is recyclable.

On society, the plan pledges to increase the number of local community partnership focusing on empowering young people and women. This includes ensuring at least 40 percent of management roles will be held by women by 2025.

These 3 priority action areas will be underpinned by 3 supporting actions on climate, water, and supply chain.

The companies committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from their core business by 50 percent and by 35 percent across the entire value chain.

By 2020, their operations will be 100 percent powered by electricity from renewable sources.

In terms of water management, they are committing to reduce the use of water in manufacturing by 20 percent and replenish 100 percent of the water they use in areas of water stress. 

Tim Brett, President of The Coca-Cola Company in Western Europe said: “Sustainability has always been at the heart of our business, and we have made some tremendous progress. But we agree we can do more”.

“This is Forward defines our attitude to doing better. We are not going to settle for the way things were done. There is no going back now”.

Damian Gammell, CEO of Coca-Cola European Partners plc said: “We have listened carefully to our stakeholders, customers, employees, and consumers and our joint Sustainability Action Plan is our commitment to delivering the change they want to see”.

You can see the full “This is forward” plan on what the partnership will be doing in each focal area here

* CCE constitutes the Coca-Cola bottler that covers 13 territories across Western Europe. 

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