9 January 2018

Boots achieves its carbon reduction target three years early

The UK pharmacy chain Boots has cut carbon emissions from all its operations by 33 percent, reaching its 2020 carbon target three years early.

In the 2017 financial year, the company’s carbon footprint was 2.3 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide, down 6.5 percent on the year before.

The figures come from the company’s recent Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report, which details its actions towards achieving sustainable development across the corporation.

The impressive progress on its carbon footprint was mainly down to reduced energy consumption. The company has implemented new energy efficiency programs, upgraded its equipment and raised employee awareness.

In addition, Boots has entered into a number of agreements to purchase renewable energy to help power its stores, and is also phasing out the use of hydrofluorocarbons.

In the past year 86 percent of the company’s carbon emissions derived from energy used to power shops and warehouses, whereas only 12 percent came from product delivery. The final 2 percent was on business travel.


Stefano Pessina, executive vice chairman and CEO, said: “We are dedicated to CSR because we see it as driving a sustainable and profitable enterprise”.

“As a health and wellbeing company, we operate in markets where ethical behaviour is of utmost importance. We strive to be a responsible neighbour in the communities we serve, to protect the planet for the future, to do business with integrity and to treat our people and our customers with dignity and respect.”

Ornella Barra, co-chief operating officer, said: “I am immensely proud of the positive impact our initiatives have on millions of lives around the world. By building on our successes and creating long-term collaborations with partner organizations, we aim for the biggest possible positive impact in our areas of focus. For us, this is quite simply the right thing to do”.

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