22 June 2015

‘Beijing Blue’ initiative cutting pollution in China

Officials in Beijing are championing a “Beijing Blue” initiative to counter the air pollution problem that the city is facing and reports suggest that several days of blue sky have been seen in the past week.

The initiative has become a hit on social media with photos of the rarely seen blue sky being shared and “Beijing Blue Sky” being posted millions of times and authorities say more measures will be taken to maintain the initiative.

Su Wei from the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) said: “The fine weather has lasted for quite a few days in Beijing (pictured). Meanwhile, the plants in surrounding areas are still doing good too. With our concerted efforts, I believe the fine weather will continue. The city’s economic growth will be gradually decoupled from carbon emissions. We are working towards that goal.”

According to reports, the NDRC said China is aiming to reduce carbon intensity by 45 per cent by 2020 compared to 2005 levels.

Zhao Hualin from Ministry of Environmental Protection said: “The environment problems cannot be solved without an overall design of coordinated development. First, an environmental management mechanism should be established in this region. Second, enforcement regulations should be refined. Third, a collaborative funds mechanism should also be established in this region.”

5.9 billion yuan (£598m) has been allocated to controlling air pollution in Beijing-Tian-Hebei and the surrounding areas, according to the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau.

China held its third National Low-Carbon Day on June 15, two days ahead of “World Low-Carbon Day.”

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