11 October 2016

All EU homes to have electric car chargers

The EU has announced plans to equip every new or refurbished home in Europe with electric vehicle recharging points.

The directive is currently a draft, but is expected to come into effect by 2019.

By making recharging electric vehicles more convenient, EU climate leaders hope to encourage more car-owners to switch to zero-emissions vehicles.

In a further attempt to boost prospects for the European electric car market, regulations state that 10 per cent of parking spaces will need recharging facilities by 2023.

The increase in number of recharging stations will also allow vehicles to feed their electricity back into the national grid, allowing power to be generated through the night.

Guillaume Berthier, Sales and Marketing Director for electric vehicles at Renault, spoke positively of the plan: “This kind of market stimulus is not just positive, it is mandatory if we want to see a massive rollout of electric vehicles in the near future. The question of how you recharge your car when you live in an apartment within a city is a very important one.”

The initiative is intended to lay the infrastructure necessary for countries such as Norway and the Netherlands, which have both committed to completely phasing out vehicles with diesel engines by 2025.

Martin Adams, the head of EEA’s air pollution unit said: “A higher amount of electric vehicles will need additional power to be generated. The source of this extra energy is of prime importance.”

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