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Sustainable Innovation in Sport 2017

Feb 22-23
All day 2017
Date: February 22-23
Time: n/a

€795 (Early Bird Rate); €995 (Standard Rate) - Register here

Audience: Government and city leaders, Sports clubs, Sports leagues, Sporting governing bodies, Stadiums, Sustainable service providers, Rights holders - clubs/leagues/organising bodies
Press Allowed:

Yes – contact Dan Cole at

Event Category: Editor's Picks, Carbon Reduction, Finance, Policy, Sports, Sustainable Energy, Tech. & Innovation, Transport
Munich , Germany
Event schedule unavailable.

Following the highly successful launch of Sustainable Innovation in Sport 2015 during COP21, we are delighted to announce Sustainable Innovation in Sport 2017 – a two day meeting bringing together stakeholders and influencers who are engendering positive environmental impacts through sport.

Large-scale sporting events and sports activities convene hundreds of millions of people globally every year. This activity can be used positively to instigate sustainable innovation from within sports teams, stadiums, governing bodies and ministries.

The scale of change that can be implemented and the number of people that this industry can touch is unparalleled, and this two day meeting will deep dive into how the wider industry can impact the reduction of carbon emissions of large scale sports by ensuring sustainable operations, as well as how we can engage and educate consumers and fans more broadly to encourage sustainable behaviour change.

Join us and 200+ other sports sustainability professionals in Munich!

Website and to register:   

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