Climate Leader Papers

  1. Tania Braga
    Delivering a low carbon Olympic Games 28 Nov 2016

    By Tania Braga, Sustainability, Accessibility and Legacy head of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee

    South America,Worldwide,Tech. & Innovation,Agriculture,Carbon Reduction,Sport
  2. José Sarney Filho
    Brazil moves forward with climate measures 28 Nov 2016

    By José Sarney Filho, Minister of the Environment, Brazil

    South America,Finance,Sustainable Energy,Agriculture,COP 22
  3. Pablo Badenier Martinez
    Strengthening climate action in Chile 28 Nov 2016

    By Pablo Badenier Martinez, Minister of the Environment, Chile

    South America,Policy,Sustainable Energy,COP 22
  4. Barbara Hendricks
    Germany and the EU are ready to go via Lima to Paris 25 Nov 2014

    Barbara Hendricks, Federal Environment Minister, Germany

    Europe,South America,Policy,COP 21
  5. Pablo Badenier Martinez, Minister of the Environment, Chile
    Pricing carbon in Chile: green tax reform 13 Nov 2014

    Pablo Badenier Martinez, Minister of the Environment, Chile

    South America,Finance,Policy,Carbon Reduction
  6. Dr. Andrew Steer
    Sustainable cities: vision to reality 20 Jan 2014

    Andrew Steer, President, World Resources Institute (WRI)

    Asia,North America,South America,Smart Cities
  7. Juan José Guerra Abud
    Mexico´s national ambition 8 Nov 2013

    Ing. Juan José Guerra Abud, Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Mexico

    North America,South America,Policy,Smart Cities,Carbon Reduction


Climate Action and UNEP are delighted to present the official Climate Action report for COP23, Bonn, Germany.