Climate Leader Papers

  1. Adnan Z Amin
    Renewable energy on islands: a pathway to prosperity 17 Dec 2015

    Adnan Z Amin, Director-General, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

    Worldwide,Policy,Sustainable Energy
  2. Dr Barbara Hendricks
    Decarbonisation – the time is now 14 Dec 2015

    Barbara Hendricks, Federal Environment Minister, Germany

    Worldwide,Policy,Sustainable Energy,Carbon Reduction,COP 21
  3. Kimmo Tiilikainen, Minister of Agriculture and the Environment, Finland
    Sustainable buildings and construction: much to offer and much to gain 14 Dec 2015

    Kimmo Tiilikainen, Minister of Agriculture and the Environment, Finland

    Europe,Tech. & Innovation,Policy,Smart Cities,COP 21
  4. Dr Andrew Steer
    Transforming our cities into the cities we need 14 Dec 2015

    Dr Andrew Steer, President and CEO, World Resources Institute (WRI)

    Worldwide,Tech. & Innovation,Policy,Sustainable Energy,Smart Cities,Transport
  5. Achim Steiner
    Climate Action for COP21 30 Nov 2015

    Achim Steiner, Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, and Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme

    Worldwide,Finance,Tech. & Innovation,Policy,Sustainable Energy,Carbon Reduction,COP 21,COP 22
  6. Lars Christian Lilleholt
    A Danish solution to a global challenge? 24 Nov 2015

    Lars Christian Lilleholt, Minister for Energy, Utilities, and Climate, Denmark

    Europe,Worldwide,Policy,Sustainable Energy,Agriculture,Carbon Reduction,COP 21
  7. Terri Wills
    Green building in Africa: reinventing growth 20 Nov 2015

    Terri Wills, CEO, World Green Building Council (WorldGBC)

    Africa,Worldwide,Tech. & Innovation,Policy,Smart Cities
  8. Mark Kenber
    Paris is just the beginning 20 Nov 2015

    Mark Kenber, CEO, The Climate Group

    Tech. & Innovation,Policy,COP 21,COP 22