Evian will use 100% recycled plastic bottles by 2025

4:55pm - 23 January 2018

Danone, Evian’s parent company, has announced that the famous mineral water from the Alps will only come in 100 percent recycled bottles in a few years, championing packaging circularity as a way of reducing plastic waste.

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“A low-carbon livestock sector is possible”, says UN chief

4:52pm - 23 January 2018

The head of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has called for sustainable, low-carbon practices to be built into the developing world’s growing livestock sector.

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Nijmegen wins award for Europe’s greenest city

3:06pm - 23 January 2018

The Dutch city of Nijmegen has been announced as this year’s winner of the European Green Capital award.

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London installs public water fountains to tackle plastic waste

12:34pm - 23 January 2018

In a move aimed to reduce the use of plastic bottles and increase accessibility to tap water the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has announced a new scheme to stimulate the deployment of public water fountains and bottle-refill stations across the city.

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Nike goes 100% renewable in North America

11:30am - 23 January 2018

Nike will be powering all of its North America-based operations with renewable energy sources after it signed a major agreement to procure large amounts of clean power from a giant wind farm in Texas.

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Nissan launches ‘all-in-one’ solar storage system

11:13am - 23 January 2018

Nissan has unveiled its new integrated home energy system, which allows users to combine the power from solar panels with an energy storage device.

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  Interview with Flavia Micilotta, Executive Director, Eurosif

Interview with Flavia Micilotta, Executive Director, Eurosif


Climate Action caught up with Flavia Micilotta, Executive Director, Eurosif, on scaling up low carbon investment and her participation in the first Sustainable Investment Forum Europe.

  Climate Action launches the European Sustainable Investment Forum

Climate Action launches the European Sustainable Investment Forum

PRESS RELEASE – 6 November 2017, London, UK – Last September, UK-based Climate Action announced, at its second Sustainable Investment Forum USA, the launch of a European Forum, which will also be focusing on climate finance.


Stephen Hawking: “Next time you meet a climate denier tell them to take a trip to Venus”

Worldwide, Carbon Reduction, Sustainable Innovation Forum

In the second episode of his new series Stephen Hawking's Favourite Places the renowned theoretical physicist used the example of Venus to illustrate the impact increased greenhouse gases can have on a habitable planet.


UK government pledges to eradicate plastic waste by 2042

Policy, Sustainable Innovation Forum

The UK government has unveiled its new 25 Year Environmental Plan today, in which it commits to removing all ‘avoidable’ plastic waste.


Tesla’s new Gigafactory aims to revolutionise rooftop solar

North America, Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Innovation Forum

Tesla’s new Gigafactory in Buffalo, New York has started large-scale production of its rooftop solar glass tiles with Elon Musk pledging that it will transform the rooftop solar industry.


New York City to divest from fossil fuels and sue companies for climate change

North America, Finance, Sustainable Investment Forum

New York has announced unprecedented plans to divest the city’s pension funds from fossil fuels within the next five years.


Researchers make advancements in renewable ‘algae power’

Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Innovation Forum

The capacity for algae to generate electricity has taken a step forward thanks to new research from the University of Cambridge.



Climate Action and UNEP are delighted to present the official Climate Action report for COP23, Bonn, Germany.